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Archetypal Patterns

The CERES Project is grounded in universal archtypical patterns found in the Earth Charter, Heartlight International, and the CERES Project

Advancing Harmonious Learning and Living throughout the World

Four operating Principles

These Principles consciously focus our thoughts, words, and actions in every aspect of our personal, professional, and community lives:

AWARENESS (Being Open to all experiences and possibilities.)
HONESTY (Being Truth in your every thought, word, action.)
RESPONSIBILITY (Being "The Cause" in all life experiences.)
GRATITUDE (Being Thankful for the abundance of life.)

We seek in each moment of our lives to think, speak, and act in fully principled ways as...

  • self-directed,
  • self-assessing,
  • self-renewing beings.

Earth Charter Principles

CERES Archetypal Patterns are represented in the logo by the circles and their colors, and are briefly described below.