Community Building

A primary focus of our educational mission is the development of and sharing with others principles and practices for spiritually grounded, environmentally conscious sustainable community development.

The Core principles underlying our community development work are detailed in the Ceres Project.

We also have endorsed the global effort to adopt the Earth Charter as the ethical and moral principles for world wide community development initiatives.  

Short Summary of the Earth Charter

The Earth Charter is the first treaty in history to be drafted and promoted by the people - over the past ten years over 100,000 people in 51 countries have contributed to its creation. The Charter offers principles for living and decision-making that can be used by multinational institution like the United Nations, by governments, by towns, by organizations, and by individuals and families everywhere. The goal of the Earth Charter is to establish a sound ethical foundation for the emerging global society and to help build a sustainable world based on respect for nature, universal human rights, and a culture of peace.

There are 16 principles that make up the Earth Charter, which in turn are described in more detail by 62 sub-principles. These principles are organized into four major categories: 1) Respect and care for the Community of Life, 2) Ecological Integrity, 3) Social and Economic Justice, and 4) Democracy, Non-violence, and Peace. All of them together form a declaration of fundamental principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful society in the 21st century.

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Only Sky Productions

Only Sky Productions, LLC formed in 2008 by Ted Millich has, at its core, a commitment to socially conscious filmmaking. OSP's project about Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy can be found at:


Vermont Playback Theater

“Shared stories the play of life”

Playback Theater is a unique form of theatrical improvisation in which real life stories of individuals (audience members) are told and then acted out, or “played back” on the spot. The experiences of our lives come to life through artistic expression with the help of colorful cloth, lights and music played improvisationally to serve in creating a heightened dramatic event. When individuals offer their personal stories in a safe space these special sharings are truly honored. The stories are received by a group of trained actors. These stories are then offered back, through an improvised retelling, to the storyteller. The audience (our community members) serves as witness to these personal life experiences. A deep and enhanced experience of community is created for everyone.

Playback Theater was founded in 1975 in New Paltz, New York, by Jonathan Fox, a trained actor and psycho dramatist, in conjunction with the original Playback Theater Company. Since then, this innovative approach has inspired thousands of people to practice and develop it in many ways and diverse settings in over 35 countries.

Key elements of Playback theatrical forms are: safety, trust, communication, compassion and “play”.

In 1997 Jennie Miller-Kristel originated Playback Theater in Vermont by establishing Green Mountain Playback Theater Company. In 2000, Jennie joined with Awakening Sanctuary to rebirth Green Mountain Playback into Vermont Playback Theater. This project is funded through public support and grants and we welcome your tax-deductible donations.

Please contact us for information about our programs, open rehearsal schedule, performance schedule or opportunities for Vermont Playback to work with your organization. Playback is a powerful and creative tool for enhancing community, team building, issues explorations and communication skill building within corporations, social service agencies, churches, at-risk populations, prisons, schools, conferences and entertainment venues.