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Transformation in Canada's Deep South: The creation of sustainable regional culture through environmental, social, and personal restoration. - By Jane Buchan

A Fools Message:  A sacred journey into elderhood, a right brained exploration of labyrinths, the environment and life. - by Lynn Hartwood

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Language as a catalyst for personal and planetary change: Speaking through the heart.
People interested in this material may contact Julie Windsong. Julie offers classes and individual sessions in which people learn to use language as a catalyst for personal and planetary change.


    ¦ Energize all that you eat and drink   
    ¦ Neutralize harmful energy effects
    ¦ Increase your natural well being

Our purpose in offering the Subtle Energy Mat is to help bring harmony, balance and the experience of good health to your life.

Sir Lawrence Bragg, Nobel Prize Winner, has observed that everything on the planet has an energy field that both permeates and extends beyond it. Sometimes called a charge, an aura or a vibration, its quality both reflects and impacts the well being and vitality of the object or person it infuses. He reports that in nature, healthy, energy-enhancing fields spin clockwise and detrimental, energy-depleting fields spin counterclockwise.

The Subtle Energy Mat creates a positive and stronger clockwise spin in the energy field of whatever is placed on it, i.e., processed, microwaved and cooked foods, drinks, synthetic fabrics (bedding or clothing including fleece), supplements, cosmetics, detergents, even chemicals. It helps counteract the impact of depleted soil, pesticides, chemicals and heat processing that can rob food of some of its natural value. The Subtle Energy Mat gives you a practical way to re-energize all you consume simply by placing what you eat and drink on the mat for four minutes. Once positively charged, the spin will last indefinitely since the clockwise spin is its natural state.

President Robert McKusick of Biomagnetic Research, Globe, AZ, independently tested the Subtle Energy Mat. He found the following impact on the various foods and beverages he tested: “the auric or etheric energy field increased after as little as two minutes exposure (on the Mats)…after four minutes the food is fully charged….”

Muscle testing, kinesiology, has repeatedly shown the positive difference that the Subtle Energy Mat makes. We invite you to dowse your food and muscle test your body before and after using the Mats. You may also notice an improvement in the taste of what you eat or drink. If you do not find a positive difference, you may return your Mats and we will refund the cost of them.

The Subtle Energy Mat is attractive, laminated and durable. You may use it as a Placemat or under each place beneath a table cloth. In addition to revitalizing food and drink, we’ve also found that the Subtle Energy Mat significantly neutralizes harmful energies when placed underneath electrical appliances, televisions and computers. When placed behind your back in cars or planes, it helps neutralize harmful magnetics that contribute to fatigue. When placed under your pillow it aids dream retention.

We would enjoy hearing about other creative uses that you have found for the Subtle Energy Mat.

Here is a Front and back image of the 5"x8" placemat:



                          Quantity       Price       Total
Basic Order              4            x $8       $32.00
Additional Mats                       x $8
Mini-mat (5x8)                       x $5

Shipping & Handling                              $ 4.00
5% VT sales tax (all VT orders)             $
Total Enclosed                                      $

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