Living Well is the evolvement of our over 10 years of work at Awakening Sanctuary- Living Well has manifested a new paradigm, evolutionary, innovative, holistic model for vital and sustainable community based care for elders.

Governance Alive is the website for Sociocracy/ Dynamic Governance - a decision making, organizational and governance model that was developed by Gerard Endenberg of the Netherlands. We use this system at Awakening Sanctuary and Living Well. Awakening Sanctuary was the first nonprofit in the United States to adopt this system. In our opinion, Sociocracy represents the first true evolutionary shift in social system organization in the history of the planet.

Founded in 1980, the non-profit Yestermorrow Design/Build School believes that the best built environment is dependent on the joint involvement and close cooperation of designers, builders, and owners. Our mission is to re-establish the continuity and inter-relationship between the processes of conceiving, making, and using the buildings and landscape and to empower individuals to house themselves.

A community honey house, working with honey bees to make plant medicine with Apitherapy raw honey, organic elderberry, propolis, organic and wildcrafted herbs.

"Arkhom is a flower of life, a rose of the world celebrating our planetary-point perspective and our conscious rebirthing of the sanctity of all life." August Jaccaci from forward to "Gaia Matrix" by Peter Champoux and friends. Arkhom "marks the geologic center of the North American tectonic plate and radiates harmonically to encompass its expanses. It offers keys to eco-creative, pro-active, sustainable relationships between human and Gaian biology. As a sacred enclosure, thuis trans-national Gaia Matrix can also facilitate global cooperation through example, interconnectedness, and spiritual power."

Welcome to a vital world where you will discover the interrelationship of all life and our mutually co-creative kinship with our host planet.

Only Sky Productions

Only Sky Productions, LLC formed in 2008 by Ted Millich has, at its core, a commitment to socially conscious filmmaking. OSP's project about Dynamic Governance/Sociocracy can be found at:

"Playback theatre is a form of interactive, improvisational theatre that invites the audience or group members to tell stories from their lives. Through the Playback form, a personís story is told and acted for them in the context of healing, community building and shared experience. These stories come magically alive through music, movement, action and dialogue. This artistic and aesthetic response strives to elevate and unite people in a place where the heart matters most. "